Projects and Labs

Hands on learning and practical experience is important for developing a deeper understanding of a concepts. Through course assignments, labs, and personal projects I strive to connect the theoretical to the practical. This includes strengthening my abilities working with software, electronics, and embedded systems.

Most recently I have acquired various components to gain practical experience with robotics. Some components are listed below. New robotics projects will be posted as they develop.

Some other development boards I have acquired over the years

Here are a few of my favorite projects.

I built this amplifier during the summer of 2007. It is a single ended tube amp that utilizes an el84 ...
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The objective of this project was to design, construct, and test a high-fidelity vacuum tube amplifier that would be able ...
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Listening to music from a portable music player on headphones is very common today. Many audio enthusiasts may be somewhat ...
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